After Tropical Storm Irene Clean-up and Green-up continues in Waterbury

May 14th, 2012

A group of volunteers gathered in Waterbury Vermont a week before Green-up Day to tackle an immense task: remove around 1500 tires and other debris deposited along the banks of the Winooski River near the Cider House Restaurant on Rout 2 in Waterbury.

Volunteers walk past a tire in the field on their way to collect more tires and other debris on the river bank Cleaning up a little early in Waterbury.

Kai White and Stacia Melick of Bolton gather trash.

Mike Pieciak and Tom O-Grady roll a truck tire up a hill from where they dug it out of the debris it along the river

John Farr of Farr Tree Service drives a skidder carrying tires up a hill to a collection site just off the road.

Volunteers load tires onto a trailer

Dave Rapaport walks past a pile of doors and windows that the volunteers recovered during their morning clean-up.

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