Pan American Games Day -01 | Progress

October 14th, 2011


Benjamin Morris and I left the hotel room today with the intention of picking up our photo vests and then touring the venues. The first part went smoothly, the second part was an adventure. We got our photo vests at the main press center, they are khaki, not the most attractive color but it also doesn’t really stand out, for which I am grateful. Canon Professional Services were not at their booth yet, much to Ben’s disappointment, so we went downstairs to the Nikon NPS booth where we were greeted by some familiar faces. Sara Moosbrugger the NPS representative from Southern California and Sam Garcia, a Nikon representative from New York, both of whom came to Guadalajara after representing Nikon at the Eddie Adams Workshop last week. While Nikon doesn’t have a lot of gear available here in Guadalajara they are offering 24hour loans on D3 bodies and a small compliment of lenses. Despite the fact that this feels a lot like checkout both Ben and I may take advantage of this as the games progress.


Trying to find busses to the venues was an adventure. The limited information available at the Expo was discouraging so we just jumped on the first bus that looked promising and ended up at the Athlete Village, not where we wanted to be at all but a happy mistake. The transportation center at the village was much more organized and although it is not as central as the Expo we found that there are busses going anywhere you could need to go. After a brief stop for lunch and some photos in the rain we got on a bus to go and scout the swimming and tennis venue.

All of the venues we have seen so far are very nice, most of them built recently just for the Pan American Games. The problem is that some of them are so new that they aren’t quite finished yet. As you can see, workers are still installing seating in the aquatic center.

Aquatic Center Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011

Synchro Practice Aquatic Center Pan American Games

venue in progress pan american games 2011


After a brief tour of the aquatic center and tennis courts we returned to the athlete village where we photographed our main event of the day: the American flag-raising ceremony. Some of these photos are included in my first submission to ZUMA press… (The real reason we are here)

Alan Ashley, USOC, Speaks at the American flag raising ceremony at the Pan American Games



An umbrella photo for Anacleto Rapping because I know how much he hates them:

Umbrellas at the American flag raising Pan American Games 2011


Ben was also the subject for a video journalist.

Phtographers at the American flag raising.


Tomorrow is the opening ceremony and we are hoping that the USOC will come through for us with press tickets to what is otherwise a sold-out event.


Adam Caira