Pan American Games Day 01 | Back on the Horse

October 16th, 2011

Back on the horse

Today I photographed the “Women’s Modern Pentathlon”. The competition consists of five events: Fencing, Swimming, Equestrian Jumping, Running, and Shooting. All the events take place on the same day at the same venue but unlike a triathlon it is not a race to transition. The final two events, running and swimming, are combined to firm a biathlon-like event.

The photo positions for fencing and swimming were less than ideal, away from the competition area, in the stands, behind some pillars… but things got better for the equestrian, running, and shooting events.

The only downside was that I spent three hours out in the sun and am now sporting a bright red sunburn… it was bound to happen.

Margaux Isaksen from the United States of America won gold at the event and Yane Marques from Brasil took silver.


From a photography standpoint the event involved a lot of waiting around but it was worth it to witness the excitement of the competition and the win by Isaksen.


Leidy Laura Moya from Cuba was thrown from her horse during the event but recovered and went on to finish the equestrian competition within the alloted time.


Tomorrow is Track Cycling, I’m very excited as it is a sport that I have never seen in person much less photographed.

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Adam Caira