January in Yosemite

January 20th, 2012

Meredith and I went to Reno NV earlier this month to spend a few days visiting some of my friends from Sky Tavern and exploring the Lake Tahoe area. I had planned this trip several weeks in advance when I had assumed there would be loads of snow. My intention was to do some serious skiing and snowboarding but with no snow to speak of all that was left for us was a little hiking and exploring around Lake Tahoe. Despite winter morale being fairly low in the local communities we were able to entertain ourselves and enjoy the scenery with or without snow.


Lake Tahoe, January 2012


Meredith and a Fallen Tree, South Lake Tahoe, January 2012


On the drive back home after leaving Lake Tahoe, we decided to cut through Yosemite. The lack of snow meant that Tioga Pass was open even though it was January, a rare opportunity and as usual, Yosemite didn’t disappoint.


Yosemite, Tioga Pass, January 2012


Yosemite, Tioga Pass, January 2012


Sunset on a frozen lake, Yosemite, Tioga Pass, January 2012


We camped on the valley floor and in the morning I took the obligatory photo of yosemite falls on our way out of the park. Due to the lack of snow and rain the waterfall was barely a trickle compared to its usual glory.


Yosemite Falls, January 2012

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