Cabrillo Village After School

January 21st, 2012

My friend, talented photographer and classmate at Brooks Institute, Evelyn Cervantes, invited me along to help out with an after-school program she has been working on. The program offers a structured educational environment, once a week, for Elementary students from Cabrillo Village to learn photography, and maybe a little more. The program is run with the help of high school and college volunteers. It seems to me that this group of Elementary students, who would have nothing to do after school otherwise, really seem to enjoy the program and will hopefully get something out of it in the long term.

When Evelyn and I first arrived we were the only ones there but the students quickly started filing in as school let out.

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The first part of the afternoon is a snack, and a lesson, this week they were talking about respect.

The kids broke into groups and planned a skit that would demonstrate a kind of respect.

After the lesson was over it was time to cut everyone loose (so to speak) and go take pictures. I had the privilege of chaperoning three students around the neighborhood while we all took pictures of things that showed respect…. or just anything that interested us.