Leaving the Los Angeles Times

February 12th, 2012

Good Times….


Too puny?…  yeah, maybe so…


My last day working as a picture editor at the Los Angeles Times I took the opportunity to photograph the FANTASTIC people I had the privilege of working with, and I also took a few photos of the building on the way out.


Cindy Hively, picture editor for The Envelope and Sunday Calendar, was a pleasure to work for, a great mentor and a true inspiration. She didn’t want me to take a picture of her alone, the photo on the left was genuinely an accident and I hope that she doesn’t hate me too much for publishing it next to the photo of the two of us, I like the juxtaposition.


Kathy is tons of fun with a great sense of humor, her desk is adorned with the most wonderful selection of fanciful nick-nacks including a tiny clog piggy-bank and what I must assume is the wold’s largest tea-bag… This photo was taken from my desk and really represents how I only ever saw here peering over the top of the cubicles between computer monitors, a modern day “Wilson” from “Home Improvement”.


Hal Wells, Daily Calendar picture editor, sat across the hall from my desk, funny guy with a great sense of humor.


Brett Isreal… The boss man.. Brett has the most eclectic collection of books lining the shelves, walls, and desk space in his office. Every time I was in the office for a meeting it was always a fun exercise to read across the titles looking for something new and exciting.


The street level halls of the Times building are lined with historic newspaper front-pages.




Leaving The Times



My drive home.. stuck in traffic by Capitol Records.