Nick Tenzer – Rubber Band Man

February 12th, 2012

“Everyone has a story.” That’s what I was told three and a half years ago sitting in my first photo class at Brooks Institute. Our instructor, Greg Cooper stood in front of us, a group of 22 lost and confused aspiring photojournalists, and told us that everyone in the world has a story that is worth telling. It seemed very profound and inspirational at the time and it has stuck in the back of my head ever since. Those words came rushing back to me today when I suddenly found out that my friend Nick Tenzer, who was in that room with me three and a half years ago, has a rubber band ball that he has been working on since 4th grade. Now this may not be the world’s largest rubber band ball, but it was significant enough to impress us all and to make me think about all of our little quirks, skills, passions, and stories that we may be hiding in the cupboard only to one day be revealed with the dramatic flare of a man bouncing his GIANT rubber band ball into a room of unsuspecting friends.