Blog: Adventures

A Whole Year’s Adventures

Meredith and I moved to Whitefish, Montana last October and it’s been a grand adventure ever since; one that I haven’t been doing the best job of documenting and sharing. The winter was long and cold, I worked for NBC Montana at KCFW TV in Kalispell, we got to know the area and we’re slowly […]

Breeding Sheep

On saturday I helped our new friends in Whitefish, Montana; Dick and Diane Ward bring six ewes from their Merino sheep flock to a farm in Kalispell where they will be bred to two rams.   Before we transported the sheep I helped Diane trim their hooves by flipping the sheep upside down into a […]

Road Trip to Montana

Meredith and I had a great road trip across the country on US-2 from Montpelier, VT to Whitefish, MT. Here are some of the highlights in no particular order. We drove a lot, took our time, made some planned detours, and some that were spur of the moment at the advice of strangers we met […]

We’re Moving to MONTANA

Meredith Whitney and I are moving to Whitefish Montana. Whitefish is just to the west of Glacier National Park in the northwest part of the state near the Canadian border. We are very excited about the adventure and we will be hitting the road in our two Honda Civics on Saturday (sept. 28) … That’s […]

To Canada

Meredith and I visited her mother who is working this summer at Jackson’s Lodge in Canaan Vermont, right near the Canadian Border. It was unseasonably cold this weekend and we even saw some late season snow as we drove north to visit the Coaticook Gorge in Coaticook Canada on Saturday.  

Hiking with Evelyn Cervantes in Rose Valley – Ojai California

After my first week at the LA Times I made it up to Ventura for the weekend to visit some friends, the highlight of the trip was a hike near Rose Vally with Evelyn and her dog Ralph.

Winter Hiking

My winter in Vermont was short-lived. The snow melted quickly and warm temperatures have arrived with spring flowers and more green than I can handle. Fortunately Meredith and I did get in one good winter climbing adventure and I managed a few days of east-coast skiing before spring took hold.  

Flying to California for a Solar Eclipse

Ok, so maybe I didn’t fly to california for a solar eclipse, but it just so happens that when I flew into LA and got settled at my Friend Scott Carnahan’s house The eclipse began almost immediately so I felt compelled to photograph i from the roof. I didn’t have any people or interesting shapes on the ridge line to […]

The road is long and winding, but eventually must end, or at least you have to stop for gas.

The last few days of my road trip I forgot all about taking pictures and focused on driving in such a manner as to reach my destination as quickly as possible. Some might say that I finally got sick of being in the car or on the road… I would agree. Now I’m back in […]

Epic Journey Day 2

I made it to Salt Lake City tonight. My plan was to continue on I-80 through southern Wyoming but due to a winter storm it is closed at the moment. I will have to wait and see what conditions look like in the morning but I may have to detour south and go through Denver […]

Last Day at Cabrillo Village

Photos from my last day with Evelyn Cervantes and the kids at Cabrillo Village: This has been so much fun for the kids and even more fun for me to attend, watch, document, and try my best to contribute. I will really miss being a part of this group and I hope that they are able […]

Cabrillo Village

This was my second time attending the Cabrillo Village after-school photo class. Just as much fun the second time around seeing what this great group of kids does when they are given given cameras. This week they were instructed to ‘talk to, and then photograph, a stranger’ with adult supervision of course. Really interesting to […]

A Day at the Beach

As I prepare to leave Ventura I find myself going back to a lot of the places that really excited me when I first arrived here, looking at them through a different lens, literally and figuratively. These are some photos that came from a visit to the pier with Melissa Forsyth (also a brooks graduate) […]

Leaving the Los Angeles Times

Good Times….   Too puny?…  yeah, maybe so…   My last day working as a picture editor at the Los Angeles Times I took the opportunity to photograph the FANTASTIC people I had the privilege of working with, and I also took a few photos of the building on the way out.   Cindy Hively, picture editor for The Envelope […]