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Winter and Cabin Fever in Montana

A long, cold winter in Whitefish, Montana. Cabin Fever Days – Barstool Race, Martin City, Feb. 15, 2014

Welcome To Whitefish

As soon as Meredith and I made it to whitefish we were taken in by some friends-of-friends-of-friends Dick and Diane Ward. We have since moved into a winter condo rental in town but it was amazing to stay in the guest cabin on the Ward’s farm for the first week here in whitefish. Everyone we […]

Adamant’s Black Fly Festival – A Spring Tradition

Adamant’s Blackfly Festival is in it’s 11th year in the rural village of Adamant, just north of Montpelier. The festival is a fundraiser for the Adamant Co-op and a chance for the people of Adamant and surrounding towns to “have some serious fun celebrating the bug we love to hate.” The festival’s website ( reads: […]

Montpelier Vermont Celebrates Independence Day!

Montpelier Vermont holds their annual 4th of July celebration on the traditional day…. the 3rd of July. This is always a fun time and here is a selection of the pictures I took yesterday for the Times Argus.  

Mother’s Day!

In honor of Mother’s day I photographed a Mother’s day nature walk at the North Branch Nature Center and a few other mother-child scenes.  

April 27, 2013 – Thunder Road Car Show and a Brush Fire in Orange

My Times Argus Sunday started off with the Thunder Road car show in Barre Vermont. Race car drivers from all over the state to display their cars on Main Street in Barre and promote the start of the racing season. The weather so far this spring has been unusually dry and while I was editing […]

Central Vermont Home Health and Hospice

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June 30 – Vermont – Bird Banding

A Bird in the Hand -Photos and words by Adam Caira The sun was just barely up last Saturday morning and already a small group of people was hard at work, opening up mist nets, and preparing a data collection station at the North Branch Nature Center in Montpelier. Their goal, to collect data that will help […]

June 29 – Vermont

Today was a busy day shooting daily for the Times Argus. I was all over town starting with a portrait of a granite sculptor making a Green Mountain Boy out of Green Granite, I made a photo gallery at the Amazing Race, an event organized by the Basement Teen Center in Montpelier, a quick feature […]

June, 22, 2012 – Times Argus Vermont

I had a lot of fun photographing a Relay For Life event at Montpelier High School in Montpelier Vermont throughout the day. I also took a trip to Maple Corners to photograph Chris Miller and his Stone Truck Sculpture followed by a jaunt to Barre Town to see the final preparations for the Rock Fire […]

A Closer Look at the LAPD – LA Kings Parade

While I was waiting for things to get going at the Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup parade I decided to take a closer look at the LAPD officers that were overseeing crowd control.      

After Tropical Storm Irene Clean-up and Green-up continues in Waterbury

A group of volunteers gathered in Waterbury Vermont a week before Green-up Day to tackle an immense task: remove around 1500 tires and other debris deposited along the banks of the Winooski River near the Cider House Restaurant on Rout 2 in Waterbury.

Sun Snow and… Softball

I  went over to Barre town on Saturday to photograph an annual Vermont tradition: The Freezing Fun For Families Winter Co-Ed Softball Tournament at the Barre Town Rec Fields in Barre Town Vermont. Teams from all over gather for the three-day tournament which traditionally is held in the coldest, most miserable weather imaginable. This year however, […]

Carpinteria Talent Show

The 2012 Carpinteria Talent Show: I have had the distinct privilege of attending the Carpinteria talent show for the last three years in a row. The first year I came away thinking that I had just witnessed the greatest talent show ever and each year I return the show gets better. Carpinteria has some really talented folks […]

Cabrillo Village

This was my second time attending the Cabrillo Village after-school photo class. Just as much fun the second time around seeing what this great group of kids does when they are given given cameras. This week they were instructed to ‘talk to, and then photograph, a stranger’ with adult supervision of course. Really interesting to […]

Carpinteria Valley Chamber Community Awards Banquet

Photos from the 54th Annual Carpinteria Valley Chamber Community Awards Banquet held Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012 at the Carpinteria Boys & Girls Club. Wade and Roxanne Nomura were named as joint 2012 Carpinterians of the Year:         Katrina Jougla was named as the 2012 Jr. Carpinterian of the year:       […]

Surviving Another Year

My friend Evelyn Cervantes hosted a “Survival Party” commemorating the one-year anniversary of her car accident. We all got together and let her know we were glad she’s still around… and then we played Jenga.  

Director’s Round Table at the Los Angeles Times

For the last few months I have been working as a picture editor in the Entertainment section at the Los Angeles Times. It has been a great experience on the whole and recently it has afforded me the opportunity to edit photos at the Critic’s Choice Awards and a special “Director’s Round Table” at the Times.       […]

Pan American Games Day 02 | Shooting and Gymnastics

Today at the Pan Am Games I photographed Men’s and Women’s 10M Air Pistol prelims and finals. DARYL LEE SZARENSKI of the Untied States of America won gold for the United States and set a Pan American Games record with a score of 681.7 in the men’s competition. DOROTY LUDWIG of Canada won the gold medal in […]

Pan American Games Day 01 | Back on the Horse

Back on the horse Today I photographed the “Women’s Modern Pentathlon”. The competition consists of five events: Fencing, Swimming, Equestrian Jumping, Running, and Shooting. All the events take place on the same day at the same venue but unlike a triathlon it is not a race to transition. The final two events, running and swimming, […]

Pan American Games Day 00 | Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies To say that today was an exhausting day would be an understatement. The excitement of the opening ceremonies has me still up writing this blog post even though it is 3:00am and I need to be up by 7:00am. The United States Olympic Committee provided Ben and I with tickets to the opening ceremonies. Ben and I […]

Pan American Games Day -01 | Progress

Alan Ashley, USOC, Speaks at the American flag raising ceremony at the Pan American Games

Progress Benjamin Morris and I left the hotel room today with the intention of picking up our photo vests and then touring the venues. The first part went smoothly, the second part was an adventure. We got our photo vests at the main press center, they are khaki, not the most attractive color but it also […]

Pan American Games, Day -02 | You Are Here:

Taking an iPhone photo outside Continental Airlines Guadalajara

You Are Here: That has certainly been the theme today as Benjamin Morris and I arrived in Guadalajara Mexico today for the start of our time at the Pan American Games. After leaving LAX on an 8:00am flight we arrived in Guadalajara at 1:30pm local time. Traveling with camera gear is always an exhausting process but we […]

Agoura Wedding

Photos from a wedding in Agoura California I photographed on a cloudy evening with Doriane Raiman. Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011. I used a pair of Elinchrom soft-boxes to light the wedding party pictures as the light faded after the ceremony.