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Breeding Sheep

On saturday I helped our new friends in Whitefish, Montana; Dick and Diane Ward bring six ewes from their Merino sheep flock to a farm in Kalispell where they will be bred to two rams.   Before we transported the sheep I helped Diane trim their hooves by flipping the sheep upside down into a […]

Montpelier’s Fourth of July Fireworks – Northstar Fireworks

A team from Northstar Fireworks spend the day July 3rd preparing the Montpelier Independence Day fireworks display which is launched from a parking lot at National Life of Vermont  

A Final Farewell to the TImes Argus Printing Press

The Times Argus printing press was damaged in the summer of 2011 in Hurricane Irene and hasn’t been operated since. The newspaper has been printed off-site through a third-party printing company in New York state for the last two years. The publishers of the times argus recently decided to sell the building where the printing […]

Moving House

My parents just moved, and, while they had a lot of things to move with them, fortunately they left the house behind. Troy Maxham on the other hand, bought the house that the Barre Technical Center’s building trades program assembled more than a decade ago at Spaulding High School and he is moving it … […]

A Closer Look at the LAPD – LA Kings Parade

While I was waiting for things to get going at the Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup parade I decided to take a closer look at the LAPD officers that were overseeing crowd control.      

My Chia Pet and Stanley Cup Game 4 with the LA Kings

        I went down to the Staples Center for Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The kings lost to the Devils failing to sweep the series. The atmosphere outside the Staples center was very quiet.

LA Times Photographer Mark Boster photographes USA Olympic Hopeful Kyla Ross

Part of my job at the Los Angeles Times gives me the opportunity to work with some of the photographers on their daily assignments. Today I went with photographer Mark Boster while he photographed 15 year-old olympic gymnast Kyla Ross. (At qualifications she made the USA all-around gymnastics  team for London 2012). The gym she trains in, while […]

Last Day at Cabrillo Village

Photos from my last day with Evelyn Cervantes and the kids at Cabrillo Village: This has been so much fun for the kids and even more fun for me to attend, watch, document, and try my best to contribute. I will really miss being a part of this group and I hope that they are able […]

Leaving the Los Angeles Times

Good Times….   Too puny?…  yeah, maybe so…   My last day working as a picture editor at the Los Angeles Times I took the opportunity to photograph the FANTASTIC people I had the privilege of working with, and I also took a few photos of the building on the way out.   Cindy Hively, picture editor for The Envelope […]


I have been taking it upon myself to do a better job of documenting and photographing the people and places in my life. The latest victim was my friend and photographer Audra Arbas:

Lindsey Ross – Photographer

I took a few photos while visiting my friend Lindsey at her studio in Santa Barbara. Lindsey Ross is a photographer, artist, and good friend who was in my starting class at Brooks Institute three and a half years ago.

Stormy Skies in Ventura

I took this photo a couple weeks ago in Ventura. A storm had just passed through and I went down to the beach to watch the high surf and see the sunset. It seems that I have a pension for photographing flying things at the beach, but I rather like the aesthetic.  

Cabrillo Village After School

My friend, talented photographer and classmate at Brooks Institute, Evelyn Cervantes, invited me along to help out with an after-school program she has been working on. The program offers a structured educational environment, once a week, for Elementary students from Cabrillo Village to learn photography, and maybe a little more. The program is run with […]

January in Yosemite

Meredith and I went to Reno NV earlier this month to spend a few days visiting some of my friends from Sky Tavern and exploring the Lake Tahoe area. I had planned this trip several weeks in advance when I had assumed there would be loads of snow. My intention was to do some serious […]

Winter in Southern California

Because of my job in Los Angeles this is the first year I haven’t been in Vermont for Christmas. I feel its the perfect opportunity to post some photos of what christmas time looks like in Southern California. Same spirit, less snow.            

Pan American Games Days 13-15 | Artistic Gymnastics, Athletics, Volleyball, Diving, Rugby, Field Hockey

The last few days of the Pan Am Games all blend together. It was a lot of fun watching and photographing so many different sports but but the time the final day of competition came around I was more than a little tired and both Ben and I were looking forward to our return to […]

Pan American Games Day 11 | Artistic Gymnastics

Today was the men’s artistic gymnastics team finals at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara. Brazil won gold in the team competition, Puerto Rico took silver and the United States of America won bronze. I have been talking with many other photographers at the events and the theme seems to be that many of […]

Pan American Games Day 04 | Cycling at the Velodrome

Cycling at the Velodrome Today was the first time at the games that I shot at one venue for the whole day. It was nice because I had a three hour break at lunch time where I edited photos and just relaxed, but it was unfortunate in that all of my photos from the day […]

Pan American Games Day -01 | Progress

Alan Ashley, USOC, Speaks at the American flag raising ceremony at the Pan American Games

Progress Benjamin Morris and I left the hotel room today with the intention of picking up our photo vests and then touring the venues. The first part went smoothly, the second part was an adventure. We got our photo vests at the main press center, they are khaki, not the most attractive color but it also […]

Pan American Games, Day -02 | You Are Here:

Taking an iPhone photo outside Continental Airlines Guadalajara

You Are Here: That has certainly been the theme today as Benjamin Morris and I arrived in Guadalajara Mexico today for the start of our time at the Pan American Games. After leaving LAX on an 8:00am flight we arrived in Guadalajara at 1:30pm local time. Traveling with camera gear is always an exhausting process but we […]

Dana Point with Rick Rickman

I was in Dana Point on Sunday to assist Rick Rickman with a photo shoot. I couldn’t resist bringing my camera as well and this is what I saw: