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Fran Weinbaum lives in Montpelier where she raises Norwegian Dwarf goats. This season she has 8 new kids, at least 4 of which she will be selling as pets, so Meredith, Katharine, and I stopped by to visit and to help socialize the new kids. They’re very cute.  

Art Shows and Wedding Dresses

Barb Austin-Hutchins is the Art Teacher at Montpelier High School. Every year her students display their work in the annual Art Show and Barb has an annual tradition of re-working an old wedding dress in her signature style to wear at the event. I photographer her with her creation this year right before the show. […]

June 28 – Vermont

Shooting Daily for the Times Argus – Today my only assignment was a race at Thunder Road, with the rest of the day I shot features including some photos at the Central Vermont Humane Society and a newly re-opened pedestrian bridge in Montpelier.  

June 23 – Vermont

I started the day early, I wanted to get a photo of the fog in the valley from a farm or some such location… It didn’t come together quite as well as I pictured it but maybe better luck next time. After that I did a quick portrait with Cassandra Gekas, who is running for Lieutenant Governor of […]

June, 21, 2012 – Times Argus Vermont

My first day back in Vermont, Shooting for the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus. My day started with a portrait of an exemplary local trap shooter, I went to Waterbury to cover a press conference at the Vermont State Police Barracks regarding a taser-related death, and I finished the day with a feature of kids jumping into the Winooski River […]

A Closer Look at the LAPD – LA Kings Parade

While I was waiting for things to get going at the Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup parade I decided to take a closer look at the LAPD officers that were overseeing crowd control.      

LA Times Photographer Mark Boster photographes USA Olympic Hopeful Kyla Ross

Part of my job at the Los Angeles Times gives me the opportunity to work with some of the photographers on their daily assignments. Today I went with photographer Mark Boster while he photographed 15 year-old olympic gymnast Kyla Ross. (At qualifications she made the USA all-around gymnastics  team for London 2012). The gym she trains in, while […]

Nick Tenzer – Rubber Band Man

“Everyone has a story.” That’s what I was told three and a half years ago sitting in my first photo class at Brooks Institute. Our instructor, Greg Cooper stood in front of us, a group of 22 lost and confused aspiring photojournalists, and told us that everyone in the world has a story that is […]

Evelyn Cervantes

Evelyn Cervantes, seen here in the epic sunset light of Cabrillo Village where she volunteers with an after school program teaching photography to elementary school students in this once-troubled community.


I have been taking it upon myself to do a better job of documenting and photographing the people and places in my life. The latest victim was my friend and photographer Audra Arbas:

Lindsey Ross – Photographer

I took a few photos while visiting my friend Lindsey at her studio in Santa Barbara. Lindsey Ross is a photographer, artist, and good friend who was in my starting class at Brooks Institute three and a half years ago.

Surviving Another Year

My friend Evelyn Cervantes hosted a “Survival Party” commemorating the one-year anniversary of her car accident. We all got together and let her know we were glad she’s still around… and then we played Jenga.  

Agoura Wedding

Photos from a wedding in Agoura California I photographed on a cloudy evening with Doriane Raiman. Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011. I used a pair of Elinchrom soft-boxes to light the wedding party pictures as the light faded after the ceremony.