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Vermont AM Golf Championship – Barre Country Club

Evan Russell of the Country Club of Vermont lead the pack at the end of all three days of play clinching the win at the Vermont AM Golf Championship held at the Barre Country Club in Plainfield, Vermont.  

Thunder Road

I have been to photograph two or three races this year at Thunder Road International SpeedBowl in Barre, Vermont this summer for the Times Argus. I used to go to the races at this track occasionally with my parents when I was younger and it has been a lot of fun to get to go […]

Mountaineers Baseball and Spaulding Softball

A couple of images from Spaulding High School Softball this spring and a couple of images from the Vermont Mountaineers this summer.  

U-32 Track, Boys Lacrosse, and Twinfield Variety Show

My evening shift for the Times Argus started with a track meet and Boys Lacrosse at U-32 High School and then a band and chorus variety show at Twinfield Union School U-32’s Jacob Kellett throws the Javelin 102′ 11″ at U-32 High School in East Montpelier Vermont on Wednesday, May 21, 2013.  

May 7, 2013 – Spaulding Sports and Montpelier Construction Projects

Today started with working on a couple of stories about construction and re-development projects in Montpelier and I finished the day photographing Spaulding Golf and Softball in Barre.

The Dig Team – Waterbury Bike Park

I photographed The Dig Team working in the Waterbury Bike Park last week for a gallery in the Saturday edition of the Times Argus The Dig Team is a small, dedicated, group of volunteer riders who spend a few days a week throughout the summer caring for the Waterbury Bike Park. Located on River Rd. within view […]

Spaulding High School Baseball and Softball

The highlight of the day today was photographing Baseball and Softball at Spaulding high school as they played agains Rutland High School. Spaulding is one of the home town teams for the Times Argus and Rutland is the home-team for our sister paper the Rutland Herald.   One of Spaulding’s softball players stole second in a […]

Youth Hockey and Impact Wrestling – April 21

Today’s shift at the Times Argus ran the gamut from youth hockey in Waterbury to an Impact Wrestling live show at the Barre Auditorium in Barre Vermont.  

June 27 – Vermont

Continuing to shoot daily assignments for the Times Argus. Today I had to photograph some houses in Barre for a story on American Foursquare Architecture, after that the only other thing I had on my agenda was a Vermont Mountaineers baseball game so I spent the middle part of the day photographing insects in the Barre Cow Pasture. […]

Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup Victory Parade

Los Angeles never misses an opportunity to throw a parade! So when the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup this year a lavish victory parade was in order. The procession itself was short, if you blinked you may have missed the trophy rolling by on the top level of a double-decker tour bus, but it was the […]

LA Times Photographer Mark Boster photographes USA Olympic Hopeful Kyla Ross

Part of my job at the Los Angeles Times gives me the opportunity to work with some of the photographers on their daily assignments. Today I went with photographer Mark Boster while he photographed 15 year-old olympic gymnast Kyla Ross. (At qualifications she made the USA all-around gymnastics  team for London 2012). The gym she trains in, while […]

Sun Snow and… Softball

I  went over to Barre town on Saturday to photograph an annual Vermont tradition: The Freezing Fun For Families Winter Co-Ed Softball Tournament at the Barre Town Rec Fields in Barre Town Vermont. Teams from all over gather for the three-day tournament which traditionally is held in the coldest, most miserable weather imaginable. This year however, […]

Henry Young

I used my last sunset in Ventura to shoot Ventura High School senior Henry Young on his mountain bike in Grant Park in Ventura. Our time was cut short by a minor altercation with a tree, but this has been something I’ve wanted to shoot for a long time so I’m glad it finally happened.

Pan American Games Day 12 | Diving and Water Polo

Today was the first time I have ever photographed competitive diving. Throughout my life diving has always been one of my favorite olympic events. Whenever the summer Olympics came around I remember being very excited to watch diving on TV, the swimming sports were really all I ever cared about in my younger years.   What I decided today […]

Pan American Games Day 10 | Track and Field (Athletics)

Today was the first day of track and field events or “Athletics” if you are from any country other than the USA. I photographed mostly women’s pole vault as it seemed to be the most visually interesting thing going on. Here are the photos:     Adam Caira

Pan American Games Day 09 | Mexico Soccer and Wrestling

The biggest event of the day was Mexico vs Uruguay Football at Omnilife Stadium (Soccer to those of us up north). it was a very active and eventful game which Mexico won 5-2 and the home crowd loved it. After the Mexico Uruguay game I stayed for the first have of Brazil vs Costa Rica. […]

Pan American Games Day 08 | Hockey, Archery, and Softball

I was very sick on friday, possibly something I ate from a street vendor.. Poor choice as Ryan Buller would say… so I didn’t take any photos, but I was back at it today with hockey and Softball I started the day today by photographing “Hockey” to those of us in the USA or ganada I […]

Pan American Games Day 06 | Tennis and Volleyball

Today I photographed Tennis Semifinals in the morning and Volleyball Finals in the afternoon. Unfortunately I had to leave volleyball finals early or risk missing the last bus back to my hotel, but I was able to stay and photograph the entire bronze medal game between the USA and the Dominican Republic.   Volleyball was […]

Pan American Games Day 05 | Archery and Softball

Archery was very short this morning, only a couple hours of competition and it was over for the day. After going back to the expo for lunch with Ben Morris and Sara Moosburger I headed to the softball stadium in hopes of catching some of that amazing sunset light I saw there a few nights […]

Pan American Games Day 04 | Cycling at the Velodrome

Cycling at the Velodrome Today was the first time at the games that I shot at one venue for the whole day. It was nice because I had a three hour break at lunch time where I edited photos and just relaxed, but it was unfortunate in that all of my photos from the day […]

Pan American Games Day 03 | Table Tennis and Softball

Today was an odd day because I spent an hour and a half waiting for a bust that comes every hour and when we cot home at the end of the day we had no internet so I was unable to post to the blog. Today I am writing from the Pan American Velodrome, an […]

Pan American Games Day 02 | Shooting and Gymnastics

Today at the Pan Am Games I photographed Men’s and Women’s 10M Air Pistol prelims and finals. DARYL LEE SZARENSKI of the Untied States of America won gold for the United States and set a Pan American Games record with a score of 681.7 in the men’s competition. DOROTY LUDWIG of Canada won the gold medal in […]

Pan American Games Day 01 | Back on the Horse

Back on the horse Today I photographed the “Women’s Modern Pentathlon”. The competition consists of five events: Fencing, Swimming, Equestrian Jumping, Running, and Shooting. All the events take place on the same day at the same venue but unlike a triathlon it is not a race to transition. The final two events, running and swimming, […]

Pan American Games Day 00 | Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies To say that today was an exhausting day would be an understatement. The excitement of the opening ceremonies has me still up writing this blog post even though it is 3:00am and I need to be up by 7:00am. The United States Olympic Committee provided Ben and I with tickets to the opening ceremonies. Ben and I […]