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Flying to California for a Solar Eclipse

Ok, so maybe I didn’t fly to california for a solar eclipse, but it just so happens that when I flew into LA and got settled at my Friend Scott Carnahan’s house The eclipse began almost immediately so I felt compelled to photograph i from the roof. I didn’t have any people or interesting shapes on the ridge line to […]

Last Day at Cabrillo Village

Photos from my last day with Evelyn Cervantes and the kids at Cabrillo Village: This has been so much fun for the kids and even more fun for me to attend, watch, document, and try my best to contribute. I will really miss being a part of this group and I hope that they are able […]

Carpinteria Valley Chamber Community Awards Banquet

Photos from the 54th Annual Carpinteria Valley Chamber Community Awards Banquet held Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012 at the Carpinteria Boys & Girls Club. Wade and Roxanne Nomura were named as joint 2012 Carpinterians of the Year:         Katrina Jougla was named as the 2012 Jr. Carpinterian of the year:       […]

Thanksgiving in Vermont

House in the Snow, Montpelier Vermont

I went to visit family and friends in Vermont for thanksgiving this year and I took a few photos while I was there.    

Pan American Games Day 12 | Diving and Water Polo

Today was the first time I have ever photographed competitive diving. Throughout my life diving has always been one of my favorite olympic events. Whenever the summer Olympics came around I remember being very excited to watch diving on TV, the swimming sports were really all I ever cared about in my younger years.   What I decided today […]

Pan American Games Day 11 | Artistic Gymnastics

Today was the men’s artistic gymnastics team finals at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara. Brazil won gold in the team competition, Puerto Rico took silver and the United States of America won bronze. I have been talking with many other photographers at the events and the theme seems to be that many of […]

Pan American Games Day 10 | Track and Field (Athletics)

Today was the first day of track and field events or “Athletics” if you are from any country other than the USA. I photographed mostly women’s pole vault as it seemed to be the most visually interesting thing going on. Here are the photos:     Adam Caira

Pan American Games Day 09 | Mexico Soccer and Wrestling

The biggest event of the day was Mexico vs Uruguay Football at Omnilife Stadium (Soccer to those of us up north). it was a very active and eventful game which Mexico won 5-2 and the home crowd loved it. After the Mexico Uruguay game I stayed for the first have of Brazil vs Costa Rica. […]

Pan American Games Day 08 | Hockey, Archery, and Softball

I was very sick on friday, possibly something I ate from a street vendor.. Poor choice as Ryan Buller would say… so I didn’t take any photos, but I was back at it today with hockey and Softball I started the day today by photographing “Hockey” to those of us in the USA or ganada I […]

Pan American Games Day 06 | Tennis and Volleyball

Today I photographed Tennis Semifinals in the morning and Volleyball Finals in the afternoon. Unfortunately I had to leave volleyball finals early or risk missing the last bus back to my hotel, but I was able to stay and photograph the entire bronze medal game between the USA and the Dominican Republic.   Volleyball was […]

Pan American Games Day 05 | Archery and Softball

Archery was very short this morning, only a couple hours of competition and it was over for the day. After going back to the expo for lunch with Ben Morris and Sara Moosburger I headed to the softball stadium in hopes of catching some of that amazing sunset light I saw there a few nights […]

Pan American Games Day 04 | Cycling at the Velodrome

Cycling at the Velodrome Today was the first time at the games that I shot at one venue for the whole day. It was nice because I had a three hour break at lunch time where I edited photos and just relaxed, but it was unfortunate in that all of my photos from the day […]

Pan American Games Day 03 | Table Tennis and Softball

Today was an odd day because I spent an hour and a half waiting for a bust that comes every hour and when we cot home at the end of the day we had no internet so I was unable to post to the blog. Today I am writing from the Pan American Velodrome, an […]

Pan American Games Day 02 | Shooting and Gymnastics

Today at the Pan Am Games I photographed Men’s and Women’s 10M Air Pistol prelims and finals. DARYL LEE SZARENSKI of the Untied States of America won gold for the United States and set a Pan American Games record with a score of 681.7 in the men’s competition. DOROTY LUDWIG of Canada won the gold medal in […]

Pan American Games Day 01 | Back on the Horse

Back on the horse Today I photographed the “Women’s Modern Pentathlon”. The competition consists of five events: Fencing, Swimming, Equestrian Jumping, Running, and Shooting. All the events take place on the same day at the same venue but unlike a triathlon it is not a race to transition. The final two events, running and swimming, […]

Pan American Games Day -01 | Progress

Alan Ashley, USOC, Speaks at the American flag raising ceremony at the Pan American Games

Progress Benjamin Morris and I left the hotel room today with the intention of picking up our photo vests and then touring the venues. The first part went smoothly, the second part was an adventure. We got our photo vests at the main press center, they are khaki, not the most attractive color but it also […]

Ventura Ave. Fire

A mobile home burns at sunset on Ventura Ave in Ventura Calif., on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011.

Driving back home from Brooks Institute I saw a mobile home fire on Ventura Ave., in Ventura, California. The fire department showed up at about the same time I did so I got out my camera, called Ben Morris, and the two of us along with a gathering crowd of spectators photographed the spectacle. No […]

UCSB Men’s Soccer

UCSB Men's Soccer

Photos from a Men’s Soccer match UCSB (University of California Santa Barbara) vs UC Irvine at Meredith Field at Harder Stadium at UCSB. IV therapy Scottsdale helped the winner team to achieve their best score in the hole season!

Carpinteria Water Polo

Epic Light. That’s all I have to say about this one. I went to photograph Carpinteria High School boys varsity and JV water polo just for fun yesterday afternoon and I was rewarded with AMAZING light.

Carpinteria Triathlon

  Evelyn Cervantes and I traveled to the Carpinteria State Beach where the first wave of the 2011 Carpinteria Triathlon started at 7:30am.                

Agoura Wedding

Photos from a wedding in Agoura California I photographed on a cloudy evening with Doriane Raiman. Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011. I used a pair of Elinchrom soft-boxes to light the wedding party pictures as the light faded after the ceremony.